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I offer services to meet the technical needs of company and scientific community.


Overview of my consulting services

The industrial scenario today

In today’s world of downsizing, consolidation and mergers, outsourcing services is becoming the accepted way of completing projects at a cost-effective price. Whether it’s research and development services, information technology, marketing communications, market analysis, accounting or training personnel, outsourcing for many organizations has been a natural approach, because it is an opportunity to add resources without having to hire someone on a full-time basis. Also many companies and large consulting firms don’t have the infrastructure or expertise to address the issues internally or they might just want someone for a short-term project who has a particular skill that they are lacking.

The role of the consultant

Nowhere is this more evident than in the research and technical development and in the scientific communities. Many organizations are now using services supplied by a third party, so they don’t have to go through the expense of setting up their own research and development laboratory. And even if they do have their own laboratory, they might need to hire outside consultant to support their staff solving a specific problem or for training in the use of a complex instrumentation, in their laboratory, and the full understanding of its potential.

The peculiarity of the scientific and technical communication

In addition to the practical side of running a laboratory, many organizations like research institutions, contract laboratories, hospitals, universities, public departments, biotechnology and instrumentation companies, need to market their services and products to the marketplace. If the organization doesn’t have any in-house marketing expertise, the traditional approach has been to use advertising agencies, marketing groups or graphic designers who have no feel for the technical nature of a project. Besides the problem of trying to convey fairly complex scientific facts to non-technical people, who think with the other side of their brains, the cost of these projects can often consume an organization’s marketing budget.

The capability to write scientific reports and technical dossier

No one knows these issues better than people like me who was in charge of communicating results of technical and scientific nature for 25 years. The research activities, and especially the contract one, has in the graphical and written communication forms of the results, one of the main key success factors. The scientific research activity produces information that are collected and catalogued by the researcher. The drafting of the final report in a graphic and written form is the key moment in which it is established which ones of the information obtained during the literature study or the experimental research activity will be transmitted to the customer, and how many, however, will remain part of the body of knowledge of the researcher. My long experience in research and development has taught me to prepare detailed scientific reports that meet the requirements of clarity and completeness necessary for proper and complete transmission of the information collected. Having worked for a industrial research company, the documentation that I have produced during my job is obviously reserved: the expertise that I have gained writing it is instead one of my personal skill.
The high level skill I developed, in 25 years of research activity, is now available, at a quite affordable price, to meet your needs for critical analysis of literature sources and summary, classification, comparison and evaluation of scientific papers or in the quality writing of technical dossier.

Ultimately, the possible fields of application of my capabilities are as follows:

  • Literature and Patent Searches
  • Training in the use of Laboratories Apparatuses (DSC, Reaction calorimeter, Distillation Column, Automatic reactors, High pressure reactors, Autoclaves)
  • Technical Dossier Preparation
  • Market Research Analyses
  • Literature and Application Note Redaction
  • Scientific Desktop Publishing (Brochure - Seminar/Conference Material - Laboratory profiles - etc..)
  • Scientific Electronic Publishing (Internet Pages - Newsletter )
  • Scientific Trade show Electronic Materials Preparation
  • Scientific Website Content Managing and Design
  • Website SEO Analysis and Optimization
  • Training in the Use and Maintenance of Static and Dynamic Scientific Website (CMS based)

The role of patent and literature information